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Hey Fellow Moms, Recently a friend of mine whose daughter, Rosie, just turned fifteen last month asked me how she would know when to give Rosie more freedom and responsibilities around the house. I told her that with my son, Michael, I was going to wait until he legally was allowed to drive before implementing anymore weekly chores that would involve using anything more technical than a lawn mower. At the time my thought process had been that by the time he 's old enough to get behind the wheel, he 'll also be old enough to be able to seriously consider the consequences of mishandling the equipment required to do things like trim the hedges or string up Christmas lights. When you 're given an object that can cause irreparable harm you have to be mature enough to handle it carefully and at the time that I was talking with Rosie 's mother I figured that no ten year old be have the sense to use caution when wielding a pair of shears, and my biggest fear is that they may decide to goof around with it and get seriously injured. But ever since that conversation I 've been rethinking my answer, as Michael has proven on numerous occasions he 's exceptionally mature for his age and capable of handling more dangerous appliances correctly and safely. But then the question remains, exactly how old is old enough for your child to start taking on more mature responsibilities- whether drinking or driving or just household chores that require more care than those children are able to

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