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Cover Research Bias For this observation assignment I positioned myself directly outside the HMV store in Woodgrove Mall. I set myself in the mall food court which allowed for a clear view of 75% of the store. I have a good view of the front half and the point of sale system, but a large poster obscures a large area of the left side of the store. I personally rarely shop at HMV, as I purchase my entertainment digitally or stream it from online sources. Recently HMV has moved into a new business model in which they sell more fan based merchandise. Examples of this include television or movie memorabilia, pop culture T-shirts, and other small items. I am more interested in this side of the store as it seems to have saved the brand in Canada. HMV Canada is the only HMV chain still thriving and I am curious to see who is supporting the store. I do not believe that the fact that I do not often shop at HMV will affect how I approach this research, but will instead help me. Observational Finding Report Located in Woodgrove Mall in Nanaimo, British Columbia, directly across from the busiest part of the mall sits HMV Canada. HMV, which stands for “His Master’s Voice” (HMV, 2014) is a music retailer with over 80 years of experience. They specialize in music, DVD’s, headphones, memorabilia, and more. Although they have 80 plus years of retail experience they have only been in the Canadian market since 1988. What is interesting is the fact they are owned by a

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