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It really doesn’t matter if you are a TELevangelist, a large network, like HGTV or a person of business, you should have a consistent marketing message for your business. Have you ever sat down and watch HGTV’s shows? From their network to their individual shows, they have a consistent message. That message comes across in my current favorites, House Hunter International - I love seeing how others live; anything from the Life series -Island Life, Caribbean Life & Hawaii Life; my newest favorite is Tiny House Builders. The Tiny House Movement fascinates me, living in, under 400 sq feet. Throughout HGTV’s programing they have a consistent message. “... find ideas and inspiration to transform your space and ... expert help…” HGTV is a…show more content…
Cohesive message - balance your offline & online messages. When there is continuity regardless of how your clients and potentials connect with you, then it is easier to draw your clients in. Beware of sending mix signals as to what your expertise is. Online I have struggled with keeping my website blog focused on what I do. Choosing those topics that directly deal with the problems I fix and topics on the resolutions I garner for my clients. Many other topics indirectly affect my main goal for my clients which is business growth. I quickly determine if my topic ideas, fits in with my theme, before I write, much less post. Clarify your message - develop a simple, easy to repeat message that tells the story, that you wish to deliver to your potentials. It should quickly describe the pain you fix; then reinforce the positive results for your clients. Realtors knows that a house without curb appeal will not sell quickly. The seller wants to sell quickly. Therefore, the realtor offers the solution of prettifying the house to draw people inside to visit. Knowing, if people aren’t captured in those first few seconds at the curb, they never get inside to see how awesome the home looks. Lastly, As a business owner, my story has evolved. Evolution is advantageous and in the end can be profitable. Keep in mind, though it will require all we discussed here, focus, balance, cohesion and consistency for the best
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