Personal Statement : How I Got A Nice Car And A Good Family Essay

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Introduction Growing up as a child you never really know what to expect of out of life. When I was little I thought like most boys I would grow and be a doctor, a police officer or a fireman. It was not until I reached high school I started working with a counselor and trying to determine would was really realistic as my career goal. I never really knew what I was good at, what type of profession would make me happy and what is really required in order to achieve my goals. I was always told to go to school, be respectful and to listen to others. That was supposedly to magic plan. If I was to follow that plan I would have the big house a nice car and a good family. Most of that advice I had received came from people that did not look like me. I had a friend tell me that “you will never truly understand a person unless you walk in their shoes”: I understood the general meaning. It was not until I got older that really understood what he meant. As you go through life, life will have a way to really reveal challenges that people will have to overcome. By the time I had reached my undergraduate years I had decided on psychology as my choice profession. I had believed that I would go and make a difference in the world. By the time I had graduated I had begun work as a Social Worker in Child Protective Services. I had concluded after about a year that I may have made a bad decision. It was by a fortunate encounter that I met someone that turned me in the direction of higher

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