Personal Statement: I Want To Be Successful In College

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Machines clank and rumble. The whirring of the assembly line drowns out the other noise in the large room. however , this production plant is different than any normal one because on this assembly line lies the ideas and inventions of my own creation. I want to be successful in college, develop my ideas, reach graduate school, and continue to excel later in life. However with three kids(a pair of twins and the other who has a chronic illness) that will eventually be in college simultaneously, financial inability to be in the right spot could be a limiting factors to reach these goals. I want to shoot high and reach even higher, and I don’t want the lack of ability to pay to be the barrier to my aspirations.
Shared bathroom, shared games, shared clothes, and shared friends. Growing up with a twin brother made me accustomed to the life of sharing everything. With age came an eagerness for independence, however, even though we will soon be on our own at separate colleges, we will still be impacted by having to split the funds that my parents have set aside for college. These funds will only be further diluted once my sister begins college only a couple of years after her brothers.
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She was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes 5 years ago and my family has to pay for the insulin and the 3-day pumps that insert that puts that insulin into her body. These high grade medical supplies that are mandatory for her to live a normal life do not come cheap. Especially since the pumps last for 3 days and the insulin vials are emptied within 25 days apiece. Her having the money to attain what she needs to be able to function is so important to me that I do not want to take any of that necessary money away from her. If I, or my parents, had to choose between college or medical supplies, the medicine wins
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