Personal Statement: I Wish At A Medical School

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I wish, that I was the top person in gymnastic class. I wish, I could be the best on the balance beams and won’t hurt myself. I wish, the bars weren’t so hard to flip around. I wish, I could do a back flip and have the best flips there is. I wish I didn’t have a fear of flipping. I wish, to go to the Olympics and have all perfect scores. I wish, Rodger never came to South Carolina. I wish, he could go back home. I wish, he could stop eating up the food from everyone. I wish, he could stop being so arrogant. I wish, his birthday wasn’t the same day as mine. I wish, I had medical books about the heart. I wish, I was the best at heart surgery. I wish, my hands could be guided while I am doing surgery. I wish, has people come to me from many nation to have surgery. I wish, I was in magazines…show more content…
I wish, I get into USC (University of South Carolina). I wish, I could also get into medical school and get excellent grades. I wish, I can have the best hospital’s looking for me. I wish, God could guide me in everything I do. I wish, he could make all my choices. I wish, I had the heart of God. I wish, I could go to Heaven and visit Jesus. I wish, I could learn to speak in tongues again. I wish, my siblings could sometimes give me some space. I wish, Nicholas can stop arguing with me so much. I wish, I could spend more time with my sibling without having to get upset because they keep annoying me. I wish, Chelsey and me were really close. I wish, I could go and spend some time with her. I wish, I could help her more than what I have. I wish, my mind is set to accomplish all my wishes I have mentioned. I wish, that I succeed all my wishes. I wish, the world could see what I have wished and see the thing I have excelled in. I wish, that all my wishes could come true. I wish, I get a good grade on this writing. I wish, Grandma McGriff like my writing and some parts of my writing she finds
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