Personal Statement: Implementing Technology Into The Classroom

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1. I am interested in teaching middle school and high school students because somewhere along the line, middle school and high school students seem to lose interest in science. They stop asking questions, specifically, "why," and go through the motions. I want to make learning relevant and exciting for my students, and encourage them to ask questions. I have also built great relationships with secondary students through coaching, and I look forward to building the same rapport with my future students/athletes.

2. My mission as a high school science teacher is to inspire a passion for learning by making education relevant and fun. In order to accomplish this, I want to motivate and encourage students to discover and explore scientific concepts that shape and define the world around them. My goal is to create a safe, positive, and open environment that promotes life-long learning by providing students with the resources and knowledge neccessary to help them question the world around them through scientific inquiry. In addition to creating a fun and engaging environment that encourages students to explore the the
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One of the most important aspects of learning in the 21st century is technology. Therefore, I have a made it a priority to implement technology into the classroom. One way I implement technology in the classroom, is by setting up lines of communication with students, parents, and the community. There are numerous programs that I implement that allow parents to stay involved in their students learning. It also gives the students an opportunity to view assignments, submit assignments, and collaborate with me if needed. As a result, I am able to guide student learning outside the classroom. I have also incorporated sustainability into my unit plans and lessons. In Washington State, an environment and sustainability program is required. Therefore, during my teacher preparation program, I was required to implement sustainability applications into my
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