Personal Statement In Clinical Psychology

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Personal Statement

During my undergraduate experience, I have seen individuals try to manage different physiological and psychological issues through my work experience, research and leadership positions in certain Kennesaw State University organizations. These experiences and skills gained (?) has influenced me to immerse myself more in clinical work and become a helping hand (versatile clinical psychologist) who can ease suffering and guide individuals in particular time in their lives. (do you like this sentence?) (say I want to be a clinical psychologist) Being an administrative assistant at a psychiatric office and a counseling office has taught me to anticipate clients’ administrative needs and expectations to deliver prompt and creative services and solutions. For instance, I form positive relationships with clients so I can efficiently refer clients to counselors based on their interests, needs, and goals. While working at those two facilities, I noticed some of the immediate problems clients face are emotional issues such as mood disorders and anxiety disorders as well as aggressive behavior. This was apparent during my undergraduate (school) experience as well? For example, when I was the president of the Psychology Club, our organization created a meeting that had prominent attendance about tips to handle stress and anxiety because our organization noticed the prominent negative behavior (anxiety, depression, aggression) that occurred during exam
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