Personal Statement In Psychology

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I wish to obtain a professional qualification in psychology.
A degree in psychology would be a general preparation for any career in which the knowledge of human behaviour is required.I chose psychology because I wanted a deeply interesting subject that would provide me with many possibilities and
I have discovered a huge range of pathways and directions that are available to me with this degree.
I believe that psychology offers exciting fields that help develop particular interests and create employment opportunities.
I am particularly interested in social psychology , group dynamics,social cognition and interpersonal attractions.
I am eager to understand physiological and biological processes that underlie cognitive functions and behaviors.
My questioning attitude and good reasoning skills
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Your long track record on producing graduates in that field has convinced to apply for a place in this college as I am interested in obtaining a degree accredited by the Psychological Society.Studying the human mind and behaviours with the rigours of scientific testing and developing strong interpersonal skills will enable to find an employment in this exquisite field.
I hope that my extensive knowledge,observant and problem solving skills will allow me to have a better understanding of how human mind works and why we behave the way we do.I am particularly interested in the factors influencing human thinking, feeling and behaviour as well as providing support for people in their social life and work, for example, through clinical and counselling interventions.
In my opinion the field of psychology is all about tackling some of the big questions,for example, do we have free will or are we driven by our environment, biology and nonconscious influences,Why do we dream? why do we keep on living
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