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Since the encounter to 'Network Motifs' by Uri Alon's book 'Design Principles of Biological Networks' during my Integrated Masters at University of Hyderabad; systems biology has immensely captivated me. Further in time; academic courses, workshops and projects guided me to unearth this as the area that I want to pursue as my research. Although new, this field gives a holistic perspective to the historically reductionist outlook of the biological systems.

While living organisms are interesting and exciting to think about, yet they have baffled scientists since the beginning. Now interdisciplinary groups are working together address questions in these systems. I want to work on complexity of biological systems using dynamical systems theory and network analysis. These approaches in systems biology give an insights into intricate events such as cell functions and diseases.

Though we have come a long ahead in 21st century, we still have before us an ordeal of the most grievous kind: disease. Diseases affect not only the person physically, but also whole family emotionally and economically. Brief suffering from reactive arthritis stimulated me to join the search for an answer to the
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R. Ramaswamy, Nonlinear Dynamics Lab, Jawaharlal Nehru University. The current internship under him has given me opportunities to look at some interesting mathematical models in diverse fields. For instance, first project gives an insight into a portion of the current research being carried out in dynamics of Complex Networks, in collaboration with Prof. B. Biswal, Delhi University. The project involves construction of mathematical model of dynamics of social networks incorporating Hebbian learning. With this, we are also working on multilayered network in ecological system with Dr S. Prasad, JNU. Project aims at finding optimum time of Amla crop harvesting using agent based model simulations of Amla-Deer-Human network on the top of field

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