Personal Statement : Inspiration And Motivation

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Asher Kim 9/18/2015 Period 3 Inspiration/Motivation Inspiring itself is the act of making others feel strongly interested and enthusiastic, and then convincing to do things, such as achieving a personal goal or joining a team and working for a team. Inspiration is one of the key points of leadership. Leaders take charge and support themselves and motivate others to do the right thing for the common goal by presenting a clear goal, providing precise instructions and resources, creating a good team relationship and work environment, raising a group’s positivity and energy, setting examples for others, and etc. This inspirational process happens from the beginning and the all the way through until the group’s goal is achieved. There are…show more content…
This approach has a trust and respect bonding between the leader and all of the teammates. Many leaders are out of touch and disconnected from their team member, focusing solely on their own personal agendas, but people want to know that their leaders understand their tendencies, aptitudes and behaviors well-enough to best work with and motivate them. Team members are most inspired when a leader takes the time to know them and show that they have their best interests at heart. Driving inspiration is about focusing on achieving goals. What a driving leader might do is to set goals by giving out a challenge to the group and setting a specific deadline by which to achieve it. But leaders should not just explain what to do and why team members need to perform better. Instead, they should focus on explaining how team members’ collected efforts important to solve problems and to achieve their common goal. Leaders should inspire performance by connecting the dots of team members’ efforts. Leaders could also inspire team members’ trust and a desire to go above and beyond the call of duty by sharing their authority. If leaders allow team members to direct/take charge of a project based on what team members believe is in the best interest of the team and the organization, members’ desire to perform will be inspired. At the same time, if a driving leader can activate the natural talents of team
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