Personal Statement : ' Intentions '

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By: Tatyanna Merriam
How nearly every decision we make in life starts off as an intention and what exactly defines a good, bad, moral and immoral intention. Intentions are an aptitude; A tendency natural to every human being in the entire world. Physically and mentally can your 's and others ' intentions impact you, whether it 's something you had planned on or something you were forced to go through with. An intention is solely based on your morals and beliefs, as it is what you plan on doing and why you plan on doing so. The intentions we have widely depict who we are as human beings, and the intentions we have are separated as such: good, bad, moral and immoral. What I plan to do is break each one down individually for
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Intentions carried on throughout history, such as the Chinese inventing sunglasses to protect eyes from the sun in 1203, Christopher Columbus setting off to sea in search of a water route between two different countries (only to find the United States), and even Gallileo Galilei seeing the moon through his newly-enhanced telescope in 1609. All discoveries, inventions and motives began with just the slightest intention.
Expectedly, a good intention would be meant for the greater good. If an intention is what you plan on doing and why, a good intention would mean that you 're planning on doing something good for a good reason. Picture yourself wanting to feed a group of starving children. Your first intention may be to buy plentiful amounts of food for each child. The only issue is that you barely have enough money to feed yourself. You decide to host a fundraiser and take all of the money earned straight to the starving children. Hosting the event would be a good intention, as you are collecting donations for children in need. In this example, your goal is to feed the children who are extremely hungry. Your intentions led you to gather enough money to get the kids food and help them out. A person with truly good intentions oftentimes looks to help out others in their darkest times, which in this case would be the children dying due to the deprivation of food.
As wonderful and loving a good intention is, a bad intention would be the other way
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