Personal Statement : Internal Medicine

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Personal Statement: Internal Medicine
It all began when I was eight years, my father and I were waiting patiently in our community health center to see the doctor because I had a fever. Few minutes later, a young man stepped out from a wooden door wearing a long white coat with a stethoscope gently resting around his neck. I turned to my father and asked “Dad, is that an Angel”? My father replied, “No son that is the doctor we came to see”. This experience opened up my dream to become a physician.
My decision to study medicine received more attention when I was in the tenth grade, and I realized the incessant lack of medical doctors in rural communities in Nigeria which has resulted in high mortality even from preventable diseases. In fact, some of my relatives were victims of this. This experience ignited a passion and desire within me to become an agent of positive change. As a result of this, I decided to become a physician so that I can help people with their health needs. A few years later, I secured admission into College of Health Sciences, Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria to study medicine.
Choosing a specialty was a very unique experience for me, being the first doctor in my family meant I had to seek advice and also know what I really wanted to contribute positively to this noble profession. I would like a specialty where, when I wake up in the morning I can’t wait to get to work and at the end of the day feel very reluctant to leave. Developing a…
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