Personal Statement : Intimate Partner Violence

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Let us start off by defining exactly what “intimate partner violence” is. As stated by the World Health Organization (2016) intimate partner violence is defined as “any behavior that causes physical violence, sexual violence, stalking and psychological aggression (including coercive acts) by a current or former intimate partner.” Life of women who are seeking a safe place from their intimate partner violence from home seem to have a lower outlook on life than those who are not.
Women who are in such problems while going to their jobs have found it quite difficult to maintain a developing employment. The fear that these women face on a daily basis has affected their concentration levels along with their attendance rate. Some women decide to call in sick due to their intimate partner violence at home, whether it be that they were told or threatened to stay home by their partner or abused and is shaken up to the point of not wanting to show up to work. A study in Sweden has found that women who suffer from intimate partner violence miss work twice as often than women that do not.
A woman’s culture, ethnicity, traditions, religion, and welfare affect the opportunities that she has for out of the house paid work. Living in an abusive intimate partnership makes it difficult for the woman to transfer knowledge about how to handle said partnership and employment from place to place around the world. In Norway, the women’s shelter movement has made it easier for these women that…
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