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Personal Statement: Ivy Tech Community College All of my life, I have worked hard to improve myself. I was born in Nigeria and received a bachelor's degree in electrical electronic engineering. Afterwards, I was employed in a variety of capacities in the fields of IT. This was very exciting, because Nigeria is a nation that is only just beginning to enjoy the full fruits of the worldwide digital revolution. I was able to assist in building IT infrastructures from 'the ground up' in the companies where I was employed. I moved to the United States for both personal and professional reasons. I sought new occupational opportunities, and also a greater sense of personal and social freedom. One great setback upon moving to the U.S. was that my degree in engineering was not recognized as valid. I cannot work as an engineer in the U.S., and presently, to pay my bills, I am employed as a forklift operator. Although this is necessary for me at present, working in this capacity is not why I desired to move to the U.S. I wish to work once again in my chosen field of IT, and use my creative intelligence to make the world better through technology. Thus, it is easy to understand why Ivy Tech Community College's offer of free training to career-changers who wish to seek employment in the field of Information Technology is, quite simply, a lifeline for me. With further training and the ability to work once again in IT, I would be able to move up the ladder of success I first desired

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