Personal Statement : Jackie Lee Smith

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Who am I? In order to attempt to define who I am, I need to start with a basic building block. I am Jackie Lee Smith. That is the name I was given. This is the name I use to identify myself when meeting someone. In some ways, it is a good label for me, but in others it is not. The name itself does not really have a meaning, and I did not choose it. It was placed on me without my acknowledgment and was unchangeable on my own until the age of majority, eighteen. After eighteen years of recognizing myself as Jackie Lee Smith, it has become the embodiment of who I am. When I say my name, I carry with it, in my mind, my personality, background, traits, characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. When faced with the question, "Who are you?" our…show more content…
In a less black and white representation of myself, my name represents a currently nineteen-year-old female who was born into a loving family. I have a mother, father, older brother, and in a sense adopted older brother. My mother’s name is Alicia, my father’s Richard, my brother’s Derek or D.J., and my ‘brother’s’ Caleb. My parents had guardianship over Caleb for seven years before he became emancipated. He didn’t want to feel like a burden on our family; he never was. I like to write, but I don’t like to read unless something really interests me. I love all of the arts and play all woodwind, string, and percussion instruments. I can’t ride a bike or play chess; I could at one point but have forgotten since getting a concussion when I was little in karate. I just haven’t been interested in learning these skills again. My brother, D.J., has autism. He has affected my life in many ways. It was through him I discovered my major. One day, I hope to be a Speech-Language Pathologist and specialize in working with children. I would like to get married and have children someday as well. My name holds my relationships, my hopes, and my dreams. My name represents me. I am a multi-racial, Christian, female American from Reedsville, West Virginia. I have dark brown to black hair and brown eyes. My skin tone changes depending on the season, and I am often placed into races and ethnicities my
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