Personal Statement: Killing The Electric Car

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Please don’t get the wrong impression! Having all those goods, and living such lives could be, let’s say “fun.” I guess it is a matter of choice! Personally, I will share the wealth in helping people who need the basics. Better yet, I would like to create a fund for providing education, choosing dedicated teachers that will educate and give shape to a healthier society, where medical doctors and politicians will be chosen for having social consciousness and an honest dedication to serve.
Examples of such earnestness are visible in the heroes found in Doctors without Borders, Emergency, and a few other organizations, who show this dedication and to whom I wish to express my gratitude. Sorely, recently the news reported that three members of
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Astonishingly, in the year 2004 General Motors crushed all the models they could put their hand on and of course stopped the production of the electric car. Only a few examples survived. “Killing the electric car” is the title of this video that tells the story of the enigmatic crashing that took place After watching it, you can formulate your own idea about the de-liberate action that led to the crushing of the cars, that were in brand new conditions.
Today there are several hydrogens powered cars and busses in the world. Those vehicles, thanks to their zero emission, are a step towards the environment melioration, a positive trait nullified woefully by the actuality of not being cost efficient yet.
Europe has adopted several alternative energies thanks to the support of their governments, a support that is deeply controversial in the U.S and it is demonstrated strikingly in the opposition of the former presidential can-didate Republican Mitt Romney that famously attacked Barack Obama for spending $90 billion to promote green energy. The U.S. has a huge resource of fossil energy, including shale gas and unconventional
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