Personal Statement : Lin Marie Michelle Flores

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My name is Lin Marie Michelle Flores, I did not have to deal with gangs but I had to deal with the color of my skin. My parents are both from Mexico. They both came to the states as teenagers and met here in Los Angeles. I am the youngest out of four and the only girl. I was born and raised in Los Angeles with my parents and siblings. To some I had a privileged education, to me it was an education provided by working class parents. Both my parents worked hard to give me a good education. My father was the first minority to graduate from Saint Bernard High School, an immigrant who struggled to do his best to educate himself. My mother came to the United States as a young teenager. She did not finish High School in the pursuit of the “American Dream.” My dad became a LAPD officer and my mother had her own housekeeping business. Both my parents worked hard to give their children the opportunities they did not have, thus providing a private education for their children. From Kindergarten up to my sophomore year of High School I attended a private school. My elementary school and high school were slightly diverse. The majority of the student body was Caucasian and the rest were made up of several other races. My school environment was very structured and controlled. I had some great teachers and one or two bad teachers. Around fifth grade I started to notice the way teachers perceived me and the challenges I would deal with due to the color of my skin. There were

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