Personal Statement : Management Degree At Lse, Ucl, King 's And 2 More

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UCAS Personal Statement Management Degree at LSE, UCL, King’s and 2 more DRAFT #1 What I am mostly fascinated by the world of Management is its complexity, its dynamism and its outcome when practised properly. During the past 10 years or so, I have realised, step by step, that everything we do, from daily-routine activities to the most challenging ones, can be done more efficiently if we take some time to get ourselves organised. In August 2013, I left Romania for Scotland. It wasn’t a very difficult decision, really. So, I ended up in an entirely new educational system with plenty of opportunities to discover – among these: the one of studying both Business Management and Administration. After attending a few classes, I was already…show more content…
Besides a fantastic team, I managed to take the Student Council to another level by setting high standards for everything we did. One activity worth mentioning is taking part in a national project-writing competition that truly enhanced my team-working skills. In addition, it surprised me how interesting I found the entire process of brain storming an idea and writing a project from scratch in a formal and complex way. It was the first time when I got in contact with the concept of Gantt Chart for example and I was simply fascinated by how well organised people can be when trying to achieve tasks and to work towards certain goals. Out of 50 projects, we ended up on the 2nd place and we received 500 euros to put our project in practice. And so we did. Another experience that made an impact on me was my participation in a national competition of presenting projects. If the one earlier mentioned was about coming up with one, this one was about presenting a project that had already been implemented. What surprised me most by taking part in this was the importance of communication, persuasion and presentation skills. Twenty counties sent their representivies to compete and I was representing mine. On the day, I was the last one to come up and so, I got the chance to listen to the other pupils before me. I cannot express how angry I felt at

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