Personal Statement : Managing Stress And Communicating Supportively ( Kolb 1985 )

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Introduction One of my employees arrived at my office informing me they needed to take a couple days off due to personal reasons. Rather than inviting the staff member in for a chat or passing this important information on straight away via email, I was not really actively listening and did not ask if there was anything I could possibly help out with (McShane and Travagilione 2005). I was distracted by a manager entering my office wanting to talk about the statistics I had provided for the upcoming finance meeting. I did not let anyone know the employee was not coming in for 2 days. I was not actively listening because of the interruption from the manager entering my office (McShane and Travagilione 2005). I did not prioritise important…show more content…
I also let the team down by not communicating that the employee was not going to be at work for a couple of days (Kolb 1985). By not communicating this important information, the shifts were not covered. By focusing more on the manager my time management skills were lacking (Carlopio and Andrewartha 2012). I did not communicate supportively to the manager. I should have explained to the manager, can you take a seat outside of my office while I deal with the employee first. The manager would have walked away seeking an answer to the question he wanted to be answered from another manager. I would have shown that I had communicated supportively. I believe I have the two problem skills time management and inability to actively listen because I try and do too many things at once. I do not write a list on a daily basis what’s important and what can wait. I believe by not doing this, creates a number of time management issues in my day to day running of the site. I also believe I have poor time management skills because I allow employees to stand at my doorway informing me of important information and then allow others to just walk in. I need to prioritise the important from the not so important. Abstract Conceptualisation. Marquis and Jorgensen (2010, p 186) believe there is a rather close relationship between time management and managing stress. To reduce stress one must
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