Personal Statement : Marketing Management

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Personal Statement
My connection to marketing started when I was a child. My mother’s friend sold beauty products in gorgeous boxes, targeted at female customers in various age groups. Attracted by the exquisite designs and persuasive slogans, I hoped that one day I could come up with such creative marketing ideas. As I grew up, I gained a better understanding of marketing from my father, a corporate sales director. Through our conversations, I learned that while making a sale is undoubtedly important, establishing brand equity and customer loyalty is the ultimate goal. This can only be achieved through successful marketing. Such recognition sparked my interest in exploring the field of marketing, and the real-world experience I’ve gained since then has only strengthened my desire to pursue a marketing career. Admission to ICL’s Strategic Marketing program is a natural next step in my preparation.
While pursuing a major in public administration for undergraduate study, I have gained intensive training on data analysis by applying quantitative methods in core courses such as Applied Statistics, Public Policy Analysis, and Operations Research. I have also taken a double major in economics to cultivate my economic thinking. I’ve selected marketing-related courses to acquire basic marketing knowledge. I learned the marketing theory of 4Ps and applied it to analyse MUJI’s marketing strategy in a group project during a summer program at the University of Hong Kong. Through a
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