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MV Memory Vase, Inc

Cyreeta Hannah December 1, 2014 Principles of Marketing Dr. Tao

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Memory Vase, Inc. (MV) was founded in 2014, providing our customers with qualifying memorable gifts for loved ones. We are an online-based company, where majority of our service provider and customer relationship are online. Memory Vase, Inc. makes flowers vases in all sizes, with customized picture and wording suitable for our clients. Our MV product is in its growth stage currently, while competition appears daily. MV future plans consist of adding more items to our repertoire. With great anticipation from
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has two main competitors as it comes to memorable items.

Memory Vase, Inc. Competitors
THINGS REMEMBERED ETSY These two competitors along with Memory Vase, Inc. all have a similar goal, and that is to serve customers with a special item that has a memory that does not need to be replaced or forgotten. With Things Remembered, one can personalize any item, but there are no specialized products, unlike MV. Memory Vase, Inc. starting out with different flowers vases that comes is all shapes and sizes, are our specialized product. As for Etsy, this is a where one can buy and sell homemade material. Therefore, many items may be nice, but when someone simply needs a qualified personalized flower vase, Memory Vase, Inc. is the place where we will serve our customers with their customized requests.

According to economic forces, one major factor that affects Memory Vase, Inc. is the unemployment level. When there is a decline in the economy, small businesses tend to follow. Therefore, if the level of unemployment rises, the less sales we may have, and fewer consumers will be able to buy. In addition, political forces also affect MV, such as political groups that have huge influence on constancy of a country. Saying this, political forces could affect who we ship to internationally, which means a restricted amount of sales.

In the same token, legal and regulatory

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