Personal Statement : Military Nursing

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Kellontreia Jackson
Mrs. Childs
Adult Health II
November 4, 2014

Military Nursing
Have you ever thought about the career in which you would like to pursue? The career that would best fit your skills? The same is true when you begin to think and learn of the different branches of nursing. Military nursing is a career that requires much work. Although many become confused, believing that military nursing is different from regular nursing, it is not; the only difference being is that military nurses specialize in the care for patients within the military worldwide. Military nursing is a career that catches a variety of nursing major’s eyes. What does it take to become a military nurse? It does not just consist of the cute white shoes and a stethoscope. It is not just understanding and compassion or a nursing degree; it is much more (Team Redzone 1). Before considering this career, one should become familiar with the details which include salary, history, education requirements, role, and advantages and disadvantages to continue to pursue this career.
Military nurses may be a part of any branch of the armed forces (1). Military nurses have the option to work in a variety of fields. The military has a variety of jobs for individuals to specialize in (1). There are a number of fields nurses can choose to specialize in. (1). A nurse in the military can provide care for family members of soldiers, or provide direct care to those soldiers who are injured during battle.…
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