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Minecraft Username:
Previous Experience:
I have been staff member on many other server 's,here is some of them : HydraPvP, ParaPvP at map 4-5 but I resigned because I quited minecraft, OvidPvP and one more that was my own and my friend 's. but I am back to minecraft, after i quited for about 2 months ago, and everything I have done is playing on ParaPvP and I think im still good at been a staff Member, I have also played alot of Faction in my past, and I know its a hacker when I see one. many player 's on the server know me beacuse my youtube channle also I know most of the commands and file size that u should know when u are a staff member.

Ban: /ban (Player) (Reason)
Kick: /kick (Player) (Reason)
Mute: /mute (Player) (How long)
Warning: /warn (Player) (Reason)
/sc (enters the staff chat)

Common file sizes.
Status Effect: - 25KB
Optifine - 849KB
PlayerAPI - 260KB
ToggleSneak - 22KB
Zans Minimap - 455KB
BspkrsCore - 194KB
Timezone and Country:
Central European Time Zone UTC+01:00 (EU), Norway
Estimated Schedule:
I play Fotball, and sometimes i need to go to fotball practice.
Monday: Any time
Tuesday: 4-10 Hours
Wednesday: Any time
Thursday: 4-10 Hours
Friday: 5-10 Hours
Saturday: Any time
Sunday: Any time
Skills and Reasons:
• I 'm a expert at screen-sharing people, I 've been in a lot of screen-sharing and i know the file sizes and i have them in my head all the time.
• I 'm a very experienced person, Since I have been staff on many popular server…
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