Personal Statement : Motivation And Motivation

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When I think about motivation, I think about what drives me to do something or what my goal might be when I have a task to complete. For me, motivation might come from that extra prayer that I say during the day or it might be the feeling of accomplishment when I have checked off all of the items on a to do. I look for motivation in my surroundings, whether that is friends, faith or even my students. I also look for motivation within myself, maybe searching for the motivation to tackle a task that my heart just isn’t in yet. In education, motivation can be our drive to help our students reach a goal or a passion for seeing student success. We need our students motivated and we also must be motivated. In my administration experience I have had to find ways to motivate in a faith driven way. Our job as Catholic school administrators is to motivate all in our faith community both educationally and spiritually. Sergiovanni, (2015) describes prosocial motivation as “motivation that is meant to benefit or help others”(p. 333). Early in my career in education, I was blessed to become a mom and through motherhood, I quickly learned that extrinsic motivation can be powerful, but it is short lived with out a balance of intrinsic motivation. I have the same theory as a principal where I “need to be concerned with both extrinsic and intrinsic rewards” (Sergiovanni, 2015,p. 333). As a mom I saw how I could not will my children to want to do something that I wanted them to such as
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