Personal Statement : Motivation Theories That Exist Within A Business Or An Organization

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Throughout this class I have learned many things regarding the dynamics that exist within a business or an organization, some of these topics were significant to me and some were not. For this paper, I have chosen to highlight motivation, cultural awareness, leadership, and change because these four issues are the most frequent issues that I face regularly in my leadership position. One of the challenges that have interested me for a long time is how to motivate the people who work for me. Prior to doing my first paper on motivation, I believed that money is what motivates employees and it was the responsibility of the employee to engage themselves in the company, I was incorrect. I learned that there are several theories on what motivates people and all of these theories suggest that money isn’t a prime motivator that creates a happy effective workforce. All of the motivation theories suggest that employee satisfaction is the key to maintaining an effective workforce. There are warning signs an employee’s needs are not being met, they may begin to regress rather than advance in their assigned duties or career advancement which, is a sign they have issues with their position and intervention may be needed. In my readings on motivation when preparing to write the first paper, I read a quote from Jack Welch, CEO of General Electric, who explained that it is the company is responsible to engage the minds of every single employee, the employee is treated as an investment
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