Personal Statement : My Career

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I often sit and recall where my career began; of course, this brings me back to my time in basic training. As well as my time as a private will forever be with me, especially that first 12 months haunting me daily until I paid off my Montgomery GI Bill. This time in the Army had little impact in regards to who I am today. It did help separate me from what I was before and paved the way ahead but it did very little to prepare me for being a leader. I had responsibilities but they were all at my own pace and left one point of failure. For the most part, I did not know what I was going to be doing the next day so I remained flexible and spent a lot of time just waiting for instructions; everything was paint by the numbers so to speak. I…show more content…
My platoon sergeant called my name, like many times before I responded with “here.” I quickly learned that he was not calling on me for accountability, he told me to “post and take charge of physical training” for the morning.” Physical training was something I was very good at, it came natural to stay ahead of the rest or push myself regardless of what we endured that day. However I was now facilitating physical training, I had taken part in physical training hundreds of times, I had seen all of the proper drills nearly every morning for almost two years. I stood in front of the formation and had no clue what to say or do; I knew all the exercises but could not seem to figure out the proper commands to get the platoon to do what I wanted. I did not know how to warm them up, conduct exercises, or cool them down. I knew this was going to be a long year in Korea and my day ahead would be extremely painful. After completion of physical training my platoon sergeant called me aside and told me not to worry, he wanted to assess what I knew and where to start. He told me that I would be taking the platoon on a 5 mile run at the end of the week; study Field Manual 21-20. He informed me to come prepared and ready to train Soldiers. Following physical training that cold Wednesday was the last day that I would be in charge of only myself. Unknown to me this was a test to see if I was capable of greater responsibility. He informed me that I was going to be Bravo
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