Personal Statement : My Childhood, Adventure, And Quality Family Essay

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Throughout my childhood, my mother made an effort to cultivate my interests and hobbies. Despite being impoverished, particularly after her divorce when I was five, she sought out opportunities to camp, travel, and educate me. She read me stories before bed every night, and strived to maximize the time we spent together. This young exposure to expedition, adventure, and quality family time promoted within me my most positive, deeply rooted characteristics. I am curious and independent; I need to feel accomplished, and I am uncomfortable when I feel holistically stagnant. Unfortunately, many of these qualities became suppressed after a few major life incidents, and I had to fight internally to regain them. Although I had a warm, vivacious, and independent mother, my biological father Tom was an alcoholic, and his manipulative and childish behavior had a long-term impact on my self esteem. I am going to delve into many of his qualities, and how they degenerated my mental health. Throughout my earliest stages of life, Tom was more sulky that directly aggressive. My mother described him in our interview during this period as “a lot of remoteness and brooding and repressed anger.” Although he was parentally unsupportive and immature, Tom was more involved with his drinking, and he did not act out until my brother was born. Thus, I was essentially raised by a single mother, even prior to my parents’ divorce at five, until my adoptive father began to become seriously involved

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