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My client is an eight-seven years old Caucasian male. He is a retired Marine, serving in four wars. He is married to his wife of fifty-seven years, together they raised five children, four sons and one daughter, losing one son due to suicide ten years ago. Client is a devout Roman Catholic, although he is unable to attend church regularly. Client’s wife is suffering from late stage Alzheimer’s Disease, she is nonverbal, incontinent and totally dependent on client for all of her needs. Client is very dedicated to caring for his wife, stating that he feels he must be the one to care for his wife. The client’s children do not offer support in assisting with the care of their mother or offer emotional support of client. Client is isolated in…show more content…
Client is unable to foresee the possible negative consequences to his sole caregiving for his wife. Client reports feelings of sadness, hopelessness and loss of enjoyment in activities he enjoyed previously. Client stated he is experiencing difficult sleeping, only sleeping a few hours a night, is exhausted during the day and does not the energy to get everything done he needs to do. He stated that, “nobody bothers with them anymore, nobody comes to visit, and we’re alone all the time”. Client expressed that he is angry and disappointed with his children for not visiting their mother. Client displayed an excessive amount of guilt for a recent fall his wife experienced, in which she hit her head and required medical attention. My client is experiencing high levels of stress, emotionally and physically in caring for his wife. Family caregivers of patients with Alzheimer’s Disease are at an increased risk for becoming physically and/or experiencing a mental disorder (Richardson, Lee, Berg-Warner, & Grossberg, 2013). My client is reporting symptoms of hopelessness, difficulty sleeping, lack of energy, loss of interest and excessive guilt. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, major depression disorder is a distinct change in one’s mood, many report feeling sad, hopeless, or irritable, with disturbances in sleep, appetite,
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