Personal Statement : My Core Values

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An effective leader needs to have a plan to be successful. Leadership is not a title or a position, but a continual process of growth and transformation.1 Every leadership plan needs direction, established objectives, and set goals in order to succeed.2 This paper will state my personal developmental plan that lists my strengths and weaknesses, recognizes patterns of behaviors that affect my leadership abilities, and creates a roadmap that will result in change to accomplish set, realistic goals. This paper will outline my core values, convey my vision statement, and outline methods I use for follow-up and evaluation of personal goal objectives.
The first step in reaching my leadership potential is to identify and understand my personal core values. My core values are the inner belief that I live by. They were instilled in me as a young child, and regardless of the situation, have held me grounded, focused, and moving forward. My core values inevitably impact my leadership abilities and thus will shape my personal development plan. Personal core values are imperative to my success as a person and also an integral component to my leadership style.
Integrity, doing what is right when no one is around, is the first and most important core value to me. Integrity is an essential part of my moral fiber. It is imprinted on my heart and of the utmost importance as I strive to be the best person that I can be every day. Integrity holds steadfast through all life’s diversities. As…
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