Personal Statement : My Educational Background

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As a child being raised in the corporate auto industry, and an active-duty military wife whose husband is currently serving in his 24th year; I have moved every two to four years my entire life. I just completing my 22nd move this past year. This constant change has afforded me the ability to learn to adjust quickly and adapt to new surroundings as well as constantly has exposed me to different cultures, traditions, and customs that I have cherished. This is a skill that I believe is an asset to Social Work. My educational background is compiled numerous institutions from my many military moves. This demonstrates my unwavering commitment my determination to achieving my set goals despite the challenges set before me. My bachelor 's degree is in Business Management, and my associates degree was in the area of General Studies, both of which I graduated cum laude with a GPA of 3.87. Along with the general education requirements, my associate’s degree consisted of 26 units in the area of Biological Science and 15 units of Psychology. I have always been drawn to understanding and helping others. I have been an avid volunteer in the various states I have lived in. In Huntington Beach, California, I volunteered with the American Red Cross. In Groton, Connecticut, I volunteered with the Sunshine Soup Kitchen and Homeless Shelter. In Orlando, Florida, I volunteered with Second Harvest Food Bank. Most recently in Virginia Beach, Virginia, I volunteered with Virginia Beach
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