Personal Statement: My Engagement With The Media Industry

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Accidentally in love’ might be the best expression to illustrate my engagement with the media industry, which initially started as I was studying towards the completion of my Diploma in Broadcast Journalism at University of Indonesia. It was not my intention to be involved in this field, however, after I received lectures in media and journalism, I found that the media is exceptionally interesting. It has a great power to inform, to educate, to influence, and to create a better society. Additionally, through studying this course, I also discovered my desire to produce impactful work. This led to a bigger aim to become an aspiring journalist. As a result of this passion, combined with my knowledge and skills in broadcast journalism, I secured a position as a TV reporter ― before I even graduated.

As a reporter, I have worked for two of Indonesia’s eminent TV stations: TV7 and ANTV. Two pieces I worked on during these tenures highlight my skills and devotion to media and journalism. Firstly, I was able to influence Adhyaksa Dault ― the Indonesian Youth and Sports Minister …show more content…

Not only I have to switch a mindset from employee to employer, but I also have to take a bigger role in managing people as well as set the direction for the content itself. I have to learn about the business side of the digital media and at the same time I also need to have a deep understanding in content creation, strategy, and marketing, something that I had never done before in 10 years working as a TV journalist. With my experience and my education background, I can manage some of the responsibilities. However, I need more education background to perform most of my new responsibilites in digital business and management, policy, ethnic, and development. These knowledge and skills are perfectly tailored at the Master in Digital Communication Leadership (DCLead) program, particularly Digital Communication, Policy and Innovation in Europe (track

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