Personal Statement : My Experience With Healthcare Professionals

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It gives me immense joy and satisfaction as I reflect back and write about my adventure, where working hard, learning from my mistakes and staying focused has made me the person I am today. I can recollect a series of interactions and a personal bond I made with my dentist throughout my orthodontic treatment, which left a lasting impression about the profession in my mind. I noticed a common theme in my experience with healthcare professionals, their dedication to their work, great interpersonal skills and a sense of humility which inspired me to choose this profession. After studying hard and getting high scores in high school to secure an admission to dental school, it was like a dream come true.
The five years of my undergraduate school taught me the toughest and most important lessons of my life. I did stumble through hoops but I bounced back with significantly better performance. Right from my pre-clinical training, I set a high standard for myself to practice hard and make sure my work was at par with an experienced dentist, one that I would love if I were the patient. I would often help a peer understand topics in a way they could comprehend and find it interesting, which developed my interest in teaching. After graduation, I commenced working as a Public Health Dentistry Lecturer at my alma mater due to versatility in work. I was known as ‘activist’ there, because I initiated a learning environment that stimulated thinking and motivated my…
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