Personal Statement : My Family

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I was never interested in having a sibling, until I had one. I always thought I would be perfectly happy on my own, just me, myself, and I. The only person I ever had to be concerned about was myself. My parents were just about always busy, and I sometimes even had to spend my days at my mom’s work office. Dad was always doing something and worked late. I had a good group of friends, and they were all I needed, right? But once my family adopted a little boy, I was never alone. I learned more about the meaning of family. As soon as that little boy was part of my family, I as a person, changed forever. I will never forget the first time I met my brother, it’s tattooed in my memory forever. It was a cloudy day, and it was very humid outside. My mom told me that morning that the boy would be coming to visit us and see his future family. I was so thrilled about it, that I screamed out of pure joy. I waited the entire day in my room staring out the window, anticipating the arrival of the boy. It felt as if days had past, me sitting on my double bed, playing with my Polly pockets. Until finally a small car pulled up into our sloped driveway, and a woman stepped out of the driver’s seat. A never-ending smile was instantly plastered onto my face. Moments later the back door opened and out stepped the boy. I became so excited, my brother was there! My brother was in the driveway, only yards away! He was little, my mom said that he was three years old, he had dark, creamy, almost

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