Personal Statement : My Father 's Life

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I was born in a time when women were considered nothing more than an object to bear children. There were no equal rights so you can imagine what things were like for me in Mecca. When I was born in 565 A.D I came from a very successful family. My father was a very respected businessman. I was lucky because I inherited his business skills in trading. In a society where women were looked down upon it was very hard for them to accept the fact that I was my father 's daughter. Upon my father 's death, I took over his business and I was able to prove to everyone that I could not only sustain but create my own wealth. I earned the right to be respected by all the businessmen. My business was expanding and was doing so well that I needed to hire…show more content…
I just knew Muhammad was a good man. I wanted him to help me continue spending our riches on helping the poor and the sick. At times Mohammad would venture into the mountains to pray and think about everything that was going wrong in Mecca at the time. One day Muhammad went to a cave on Mount Hira to worship. While he was praying, the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mohammad and declared him the Prophet of Islam. He came back terrified, but I told him ‘’Allah forbid! He will surely not let such a thing happen, for you speak the truth, you are faithful in trust, you bear the afflictions of the people, you spend in good works what you gain in trade, you are hospitable and you assist your fellow men’’(The Islamic Bulletin). I believed everything Mohammad told me and I became the first muslim. At the time in Mecca the majority of the people believed in worshiping many idols. Mohammad had a very difficult time in convincing them that there is only one God (Allah). We spent much of my fortune trying to spread the word of the Quran, but unfortunately we were persecuted for our beliefs. We had no choice but to leave our home and run to the harsh desert. For 3 years we suffered hunger and pain and this is where I lived my last years. I have impacted the religion of Islam by becoming its first believer I supported my husband by believing he was the first prophet of God. I gave up all of my wealth, placed
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