Personal Statement : My First Instinct

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My first instinct is to do it all myself, but I learned to ask for help. I was never considered patient, but I held my temper. Responsibility was a strength, but I worked to be better. I hate confrontation, but fought against flinching away from speaking the truth in love. I am not comfortable consoling a comrade in tears, but offering a shoulder was the least I could do. I was not one to be loud, but for my team I roared.
Leadership is not a skill, nor can it be successfully handed over. It is a stewardship that is to be earned in good faith. It is a combination of qualities that makes a person an example for others, someone who is worth following. All throughout high school, I had to learn what it was to be a leader. Because of my
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When a few of the groups failed to make their deadlines, it made me mad. I had given them plenty of time. I knew I had to control my temper, so I merely prompted them and kept a close watch. When all the segments were finally finished the day before school started, I took the files home and worked on patching them together through the night. It was a long night. After the video was completed, I packed my computer, changed clothes, and headed to the first day of my senior year.
I had played basketball for Kansas Public Schools since fifth grade. I was not particularly skilled or talented, but I enjoyed improving upon what was innate. By some miracle, I survived the waves of favoritism, malcontent, and space limitation that whittled the number of varsity players from my class to five. Through the years, several tragedies struck individual members of our team. Family deaths, including that of my own father in 2014, revealed that our team was there to support. I will never forget that each one of them, even those who were not particularly fond of me, left school to come to my dad’s funeral to offer their condolences and to grieve alongside me. A year or so later, a girl a year below me and her family suffered a house fire in which they lost everything. Our team did its best to support her in whatever way possible, as did the entire community. We did our best to be there for any who felt weak, cheated, angry, or frightened. On
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