Personal Statement : My First Marriage

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As little kids we all have dreams of having that perfect family, only to usually be disappointed in some way or another. Since my first marriage failed do to infidelity I am determined to make my current marriage work. While reading The Family You’ve Always Wanted, I felt encouraged by the stories that Gary Chapman shared. One of the biggest things that stood out to me was that he turned his “marriage from withering to thriving” (Chapman, 2008, p. 21). This gives me hope that I can also turn my marriage around, but we must be willing to serve. I feel like he described my relationship to a tee in this book. My husband and I are always blaming each other for the struggles we have. I feel like we need to both find God and look to him for guidance, and that sometimes it is okay to be wrong. We are both Taurus’s, which tends to lead to our bull-headedness. Finding those areas that we can both lend a hand to the other is key to making each other feel appreciated. Becoming aware of our attitudes when we respond to each other is also an important to the success of our relationship. I am going to try to think about how Jesus would have responded before I respond to my husband’s request from now on. I really connected to the chapter where Chapman was explaining the couple in a counseling session. The wife stated, “We don’t ever do anything together. Our communication is almost nonexistent. We don’t ever talk…” (2008, p. 39). These statements describe my currant
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