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My Foundation in Nursing My resolution to become a nurse does not hinge upon one pivotal moment in time. Rather, nursing always played a role that seemed larger than life when I was growing up. For instance, my mother attended nursing school at a time when students were not allowed to date, hence, she gave up college to become Mrs. Hubert Fritz. In turn, this inspired my two sisters, who were more than a decade older than I, to go off to college for nurse 's training. I could not help but notice how proud my parents were of Linda and Barb when they, each one in turn, were able to actualize a dream that my mother had of becoming a nurse. For I watched as my family celebrated each capping and pinning ceremony with delight. It was a…show more content…
The distracted obstetrical team, entrusted with my mother’s care, ignored my mother’s pleas of “Why isn’t the baby crying” long enough to allow permanent and profound brain damage to occur. Consequently, my brother never progressed beyond the mentality of a two-year-old and would have exquisite Grand Mal seizures at least three times a week. Joe’s seizures were often severe enough to necessitate an ambulance ride to the nearest hospital 25 miles away to receive emergent intravenous anticonvulsants. The steady influence of a constant demand for attention to detail to prevent numerous complications, both critical and innocuous, gave spark to my desire to gravitate eventually towards critical care medicine. Decision to Enter Nursing School My footsteps did not follow my sisters’ directly out of high school into nursing. I had already married and had just given birth to my second child when my mother approached me, insistently, about becoming a nurse. As a result of what transpired to cause my brothers disabilities, I wrestled with my altered perception of nursing practice as one being fraught with tremendous responsibilities. In my final analysis, I decided that I would go into nursing for my mother, who never graduated college, and commit myself to a lifetime of education. But most importantly, I would become a nurse for my little brother so that I could be that person who would be: calm in the face of adversity: competent in the midst of
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