Personal Statement : My Group Experience

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Jessica Cortez Valentin Comm 8-8:00a.m Nov. 8, 2015 My Group Experience I never enjoyed doing any school work in a group. Somehow I always ended up doing all the work while everyone else in my group got to “chill” and not worry about anything. I always saw it as either I do it and get a good grade or I do not do it and we all fail. I knew I always had the chance to let my teachers know I did all the work and let my group get no credit for it, but I was always too nice to do that. I came into this class as a freshman not knowing what to expect. All I knew was that I was not good at doing speeches alone, so this class was probably my best bet. My first group experience in this class completely changed the way I feel about doing work as a group. We were all able to communicate with each other very well and allowed one another to voice their opinions about how they felt we were doing things. We also all got along with each other which made it fairly easy to figure out our group roles and responsibilities. While deciding on the topic of our first presentation, the informative speech, we each looked up different ideas and told each other what we were all interested in. Once we got an idea of what each person found interesting we were now able to pick a topic we would all enjoy researching and learning about. Now all we had to do was decide who was responsible for all the different roles we had to fulfill in order to get the presentation done. Another thing we had to do

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