Personal Statement : My Identity Project

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For my identity project, rather than being creative by tying my identity to something symbolic or creating an extended metaphor, I realized the best route for me was to write a paper. This wasn’t because I was too lazy to find some sort of creative outlet, but I thought that the best way for me to evaluate my identity is by telling my coming out story and how it was affected by my identity and eyedentity. I tried to think of some way to make this creative, but I realized that the best way to do this would be by just writing about my experiences, and then talking through it.
My story begins with me as a child. Growing up I was very close with my mother and other maternal and feminine figures, so naturally I sought them out in life and found comfort being around them. Throughout elementary school I tended to stick with the girls because this was where I found the most enjoyment. Once I got to middle school, this was still the case. Most of my friends were girls because I felt the most comfortable with girls and they were comfortable with me. I was very naïve at the beginning of middle school and I honestly don’t even think I knew what homosexuality is. This concept was never a concern for me, and never crossed my mind until others forced it upon me.
In middle school I was bullied relentlessly. The boys at my middle school all ganged up on me and gave me a hard time for not being exactly like them. They saw that I stuck with the girls and they instantly associated that with me
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