Personal Statement: My Interest In Child Psychology

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I am applying to study Psychology BSc (HONS) to learn and expand my knowledge of human psyche (behavioural patterns, perspectives, actions reactions- in short what makes us alike yet unique).
Psychology is an intellectual challenge of further developing the ability to listen and to observe, then to use the information with acquired special knowledge to correctly diagnose and plan treatment. Breaking through stubborn resistance and defences is another definite challenge that requires sensitivity, patience and empathy. This is also a challenge to test my own beliefs, limits, fears and continuing challenges from peers to better serve those in emotional pain.
My interest in child psychology developed within last year when I came to realise how much I admire
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There I was acquainted with the Montessori educational approach emphasising on ‘independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child's natural psychological, physical, and social development.’ similar to my duties. I was able to express my transferable skills such as observing and interpreting, effective communication of children’s’ progress to their parents, engage in critical thinking whenever necessary and became a good team worker amongst the children and respective educators. That experience has reinforced my choice of study as I recognized this can be more than just a general interest but a career I can be completely satisfied with.
Furthermore, I have read Psychology in minutes, as best suggested by a fellow psychologist, who criticized the other available reads. No book can prepare you enough/provide you with the required information; it is quite a learning process. This book smartly covers every stem of psychology and mentions notable psychologists, their empirical approach, research and findings which communicates through the change and human diversity over
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