Personal Statement: My Interest In The Leadership Academy

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My interest in becoming a pupil in the Leadership Academy stem from a brief assignment in Austin with Office of Social Services in Program Innovation with the Business Process Project Team in late 2014 thru mid-2015. It is then when I learned that there is much more to the agency then front line delivery services. In the front line delivery staff know what must be done as per policy, rules and regulations which are communicated to them via trainings, emails and staff meetings, but staff really have no idea of what all has to happen prior to those policies, rules and regulations being established. I would appreciate an opportunity to participate in the Leadership Academy and study under individuals with the expertise in program innovation and management communication as this is where I believe I could provide the most insight as per my recent experiences and tenure…show more content…
As time has gone by and we have been moving forward with the New Business Process Redesign movement I realize that although we currently have many check points in place staring with the office assessment, planning session, readiness period and management implementation training we still have areas to work in and I believe that communication with front line employees and the way management communicates and teachers their staff to communicate are two arears of upmost importance as they are the heart of our business. As we all know that proper communication is the way one expresses their needs and expectations which will lead to the employees of Texas working even more effectively. First I would recommend a Business Liaison an individual who would visit local offices and have meetings with Direct Delivery Personnel (clerical and advisor staff) to discuss valid issues of concern in the work place, ask for ideas of how can we make the job more effective. What areas of their job do they think we can perhaps adjust, automate or do without? We would create a Mail Box for continued questions and
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