Personal Statement: My Journey To Civil Engineering

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Born in a civil engineer family, being a civil engineer seems to be something deem to do for me. Starting from a little child, I went to construction sites with my mother, played with piled up framing plans and detailed drawings, and summed up the construction costs by a calculator. Every time I passed my high school with my mother, she pointed to a tall building and introduced to me, proudly, “Look, this is built by me, but I bet never notice the color of that brick is wrong.”. When I looked up, trying to figure out the wrong brick among sophisticated pattern but failed, I started to think that being a civil engineer is really a cool thing.

However, the truth turned out that my mother became the first obstacle of my journey towards civil engineering. Although attracted by this field, I found the industrial atmosphere extremely annoying, as several nights, my mother came back home, drunk and uncomfortable, only because she needed to deal with work issues at the table. Such wine culture was common in my small conventional hometown, especially in the engineering industry, where strong prejudice and doubt about the ability of female engineers rooted in the hearts of people. Probably tired of this phenomenon, my mother offered her strongest opposition of my
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I appreciate the National College Entrance Examination, as even though it is not completely fair and criticised by many people, it did offer a chance for me to walk out of small town and explore a different world through hard work. The time I received my offer, I rushed to my mother with a belief that we are not beat by our gender but by self-indication that we cannot. Since then, I became a civil engineering student, but it was not until the second year of my university study that I figured out my true motivation and determined my future
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