Personal Statement : My Leadership

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There are many people in different types of leadership positions, religious, political, pedagogical and in the labor industry, among others. The motivations driving all these individuals to those positions vary from one person to the next. For example, some leaders want to spread and motivate others to follow their same beliefs, as in the case of religious and political leaders. There some people, however, that are primarily motivated by their desire of the power and benefits that come with the position. Now that I am at the beginning of my professional leadership endeavor, I can only see benefits in taking this opportunity to explore and find the motivational force that is driving me along this path. And, at the …show more content…

Simple things such as getting to work on time, for example, took high relevance for me because I was not only responsible for my attendance, but also needed to keep track of the attendance of the other members of the group. This exposure to the responsibilities of a leadership position showed me that I was the link between two different groups. Upper management needed solutions and accountability for downtime issues. The maintenance technicians saw me as the person that was supposed to make sure their rights and needs were taken care of.
On the other hand, I experienced the sense of ownership and satisfaction that comes with the results of the hard work. Thanks to a change in management, the manufacturing plant was experiencing a positive change in its performance; recordable injuries were low and productivity of high quality product was rising. I felt the satisfaction of participating in the success of the organization. I felt that my crew was contributing to the positive trend by properly maintaining the equipment, thus reducing downtime and quality defects. To some extent, my satisfaction came from the feeling that the maintenance technicians were doing a great job in keeping the machines running, partly, because I was providing as many tools as possible for them to accomplish the tasks. I was able to witness the great impact on the morale of the crew by implementing simple changes. Things like treating

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