Personal Statement : My Leadership Philosophy

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1. My definition of leadership is having someone that is willing to put personal desires aside in order to help a team reach a common goal. No matter how hard and frustrating goals, projects and missions will become, a true leader will do everything in their power to help lift up, challenge and motivate a group to reach the final end product. Leaders that have had great influence on me have included, General George Washington, Sir Edmund Hillary, Sir Ernest Shackleton, Captain Richard Winters (Easy Company), just to name a few. All have faced unbelievable obstacles, hardships, challenges beyond belief, and logistical nightmares. Every single one of them never lost the faith of their men and achieved the unimaginable.
2. My leadership philosophy has five main principles. I like to always remember, it is the work everybody does together, not the work completed by a single person that makes great teams and organizations.
3. The first principle in my philosophy is leading from the front. I will never expect anyone to do what I wouldn’t do. I will not set impossible objectives, however, I will do everything I can to show people that what we can accomplish together is far better than what I can do by myself. Always being out front will show the team I am in it for the long haul and won’t quit until we meet our objective.
4. The second principle is selflessness; making sure all decisions lead to our common goal. I realize it is easy to get off track when people start
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