Personal Statement : My Life

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My life in America started with a couple of unfortunate events that changed me profoundly. In the first six months in this country, I learned to be resilient, innovated and decisive. Thanks to those experiences I was prepared to achieve my American Dream. Before I moved to this country, I was a studious girl, that owned a small cloth shop in a town in the middle of the jungle. I could only dream of having a successful career. It was very unlikely that a girl from the Choco, the poorest and least developed state in Colombia, could graduate with honor from a school like Villanova. And even less likely that I could become the only Latina and the only black woman in the legal, engineering team of a 12 billion dollar company, that is considered one of the top companies for work-life balance. The US has given me all opportunities and all the tools to succeed. I came to the US as a tourist, I went to Las Vegas to visit Gregory, the American soldier, I met when I was in an exchange program, in England. I was supposed to stay for a couple of weeks before going to California, where I would enroll in school and change my status to student. Halfway through the visit, Gregory’s friends wrongly assumed that I was trying to marry him to gain citizenship. He asked me to leave, and I did, with a broken heart. I understood that my background and my big dreams could lead people to those assumptions. I knew he didn’t mean any harm and I kept in contact with him. Little did I know that was only

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