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Personal mission statement: My mission in life is to be an instrument of positive change of Georgia College, my sorority, among my friends, and as a future educator. To start every day with a smile and continue the day with passion for life and those around me. I will later use my compassion for children to make a difference in the future of society but for now I hope to leave a positive imprint on the campus of Georgia College as well as my sorority’s chapter. What have I gained from my chapter experience: During the first few months of joining Alpha Omicron Pi, I gained an immense amount of courage and motivation to continuously better myself. I learned to love myself and who I was becoming as a sister. In the more recent months, I…show more content…
I often find it easier to boost others and turn around and reject myself. Communication style and example Communication is a crucial part of any team, group, or family. I think the best way to communicate is being clear and precise as well proactive. This could be applied in multiple aspects like in person or over written message. I currently make the calendar for my sorority which has multiple moving parts. This requires communication with those who have events for the calendar as well as our headquarters. I like to clearly inform everyone the guidelines we have to follow as well as my thoughts. Being proactive is important to communication as well. I inform and remind everyone involved of when the meetings are and what steps we need to take to continue as successful agenda. Which of your chapter and personal values best apply to the role of being a Recruitment Counselor and why? AOII uses the phrase “Exceed the Expectations” to encourage their members to be the best they can be. I would apply this value by going above and beyond what was is asked of me while being a recruitment counselor. I would hold myself to the expectation by applying myself and giving all my effort towards this position especially during work week and recruitment. This means welcoming the potential new members and from the start making it clear I am there to support them and help guide them to the best of my abilities. A personal value of mine that goes along with is is
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