Personal Statement : My Name Is Mercedes Gutierrez

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Autobiography My name is Mercedes Gutierrez, I was born in a foreign country and came to the United States when I was nine years old. Since I was little I loved the healthcare field and my childhood dream was to become a doctor. My mother was a nurse back in my country of origin and my father was a Dermatologist. After I finished high school I went right on to pursue my dreams. I took some general pre-requisites and made it into nursing school. Initially I wanted to be a doctor, however looking at tuition expenses and many other factors I decided that nursing was more appropriate for me. Today, I am glad I made that decision. I finished as a Licensed Practical Nurse at the age of twenty and from there I completed my associate’s degree in nursing and became a Registered Nurse at the age of twenty- four. Luckily for me, my husband is also a Registered Nurse and we both share the same passion for the profession. He is very understanding and we have been able to help each other out professionally and in school. When we passed the Board exam, we decided to take a break from school and enjoy our achievements. However, I knew that in this demanding world I needed to continue my education. Next step was the completion of my Bachelor’s degree in nursing. This part was a great sacrifice for me because while enrolled in the program I became pregnant with my first son. I wanted to finish so hard that I decided not to take a break and took my last three classes while taking care of my

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