Personal Statement : My Own Wellness

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Constantly striving to maintain optimal health is the key to prolonging ones wholesome lifestyle. Although the multi-dimensions of health seem fairly general, they are must be observed in great detail to truly rationalize whether one are at their highest level of wellness. In my initial review of my own wellness, I could easily establish that my psychological health was in the most need of beneficial changes, while other concepts like physical and occupational health seemed to be in better standings. Little did I know, that while I was consciously working on my weakest points of health, I was overlooking many paramount details associated with the aspects on my health I believed to be my strongest. It was brought to light through the Dr. Oz Real Age Test that my constant forgetfulness of what some consider the most important meal of the day, breakfast, could cause me to age prematurely. After researching the benefits of not skipping this morning meal, I knew I had to alter this horrible habit. For food to be considered a proper breakfast, it must be nutrient rich and eaten within thirty minutes to one hour of being awake. Although I typically make healthy food chooses, I find that I wait a tremendous amount of time before eating. Almost every morning, I exceeded the allotted amount of time between when I wake and when I eat breakfast by at least twenty minutes, and often times wait long enough for the meal to not even be considered breakfast. Despite the nourishing food a
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