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Looking back on my life then, I can see how some of my personal identities play into my missional calling. I am a person that really likes helping and taking care of people. I hate seeing someone in pain or having a hard time. It really plays a role on my emotions, so I always feel the need to help people in need. But I also really like taking care of children. Children are so fun and free. These identities all played into my missional calling to help people and be there for someone who needs support. I think I always wanted to help people growing up because I didn’t know how to help my dad when I was little. And I felt guilty about standing around and ignoring the problem. Right after I graduated from middle school I had the opportunity to volunteer for girls and boys club for the summer. With this program I got to be with children everyday and look after them. I got to take care of them and have fun doing activities that were carefree and life changing. This is when I knew I wanted to work with children when I got older. In middle school I think my general calling was to continue to do what I love and work hard. I think God was calling me love and respect the people around me even if they don’t. Middle school was hard for me because I saw people changing and God was telling me not to change. That I was who He made me to be and He had plans for me. At that time in my life I needed to stay focused on myself and loving who I was. Because I didn’t love who I was. I hated the

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